How to Use Cardio Machines at the Gym?

Do you feel embarrassed to use cardio gym equipment because you are afraid of looking stupid?
Learn All the Tips, Tricks, and Safe Ways to Use Cardio Gym Equipment So You Never Get Injured Again.

The cardio workout routine is one of the most important parts of the fitness routine. This type of exercise gives your body the ability to improve stamina, physical strength, helps you develop muscles, and shed off excess body fat. 

You could do these workouts at home, but note that exercise equipment can help you to accomplish this goal .it’s the cardio gym equipment.

What is a Cardio Gym?
A cardio gym is a type of gym or fitness center that specializes in cardiovascular exercises. The purpose of cardio is to increase the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.
 Cardio gyms usually offer treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and weight machines.
 They also have a wide range of free weights, weight machines, and weight benches. 

Some cardio gyms offer personal trainers to help you meet your fitness goals others offer group fitness classes such as spinning classes, step aerobics, water aerobics, or kickboxing 

 These classes include music, instructors, and choreography to help you work up a sweat.
Some cardio gyms are mild and focused primarily on the cardiovascular system, while others offer more intense exercise. Some gyms also offer group training classes for weight loss or toning.

Cardio gyms are a good way to help lose weight by increasing your heart rate. Many cardio-gym members feel a sense of accomplishment after exercises. They help lead a healthier lifestyle as they are a good place to lose weight and increase your heart rate

What are the Benefits of Using Cardio Equipment?

Using cardio gym equipment improves cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and muscle strength. 
Because cardio machines are so versatile, they're also great for building strength. I.e for activities like biking, running, swimming, and rowing. 

Cardio machines work the entire body, with benefits that range from increased stamina to increased muscle mass.
Cardio exercise is also good for your mind and mood. It can make you feel more relaxed and reduce stress. Studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise can help ward off depression.

Cardio exercise also helps improve the way you look.  researchers have shown that regular exercise increases lean muscle mass and decreases fat tissue. It also increases your metabolism, making you burn more calories throughout the day.

How to Use a Treadmill with Proper Form

My personal experience with treadmills has always been a good one! Treadmills are not only convenient but also used to get in a cardio workout anytime.

The treadmill is one of the best cardio machines for runners and anyone that walks at a brisk pace. With proper use of a treadmill, you can shed fat, get fit, and increase your energy levels. Now, treadmills are notorious for causing injuries.

Since they allow you to walk, jog, or run in place, they are an easy way to injure yourself if you are not careful.
In fact, according to a study of over 1,000 treadmill injuries, the majority occurred because the person was using improper form.

One of the most common injuries is shin splints. Shin splints occur from overuse and are due to small tears in tendons in your shinbone.
Another injury is the patellar tendon strain. This injury usually occurs from overuse during fast walking or running.

To avoid these injuries, practice good form for walking, running, and pacing on a treadmill.
  • When you are on the treadmill, make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • The treadmill belt should be located directly below your feet, and you should be looking straight ahead.
  • You should be able to see the treadmill's display directly in front of you.
  • Your arms should be by your sides, and your elbows should be bent slightly.
  • Your shoulders should be pulled back, and your chin should be tucked in slightly.
  • Your back should be straight but slightly arched.
  • Your feet should be firmly planted on the treadmill belt.
  • Keep Your Pace
  • Before you begin running or walking

  • Don't Try New Workouts
Before you start your treadmill workout, evaluate what types of exercises will help you burn the most calories.
If your treadmill has a heart rate monitor, you can use it to determine the number of calories you will burn during a workout.
If you're new to exercising on a treadmill, avoid adding new types of exercises to your treadmill routine.
As you get in better shape, you can gradually add different types of workouts to your treadmill routine.
  •  Run at a Moderate Speed
Running on a treadmill at a moderate speed can burn more calories than running faster.
When running on a treadmill, increase your speed gradually.
Slow down if you feel any pain in your knees or hips.
  • Walk a Mile Before You Run
Before you run on the treadmill, walk a mile on the treadmill to warm up the muscles and joints.
Walking a mile on a treadmill burns more calories than walking at a fast pace, and it's also better for your joints.
  • Don't Run Too Far
When running on a treadmill, don't run too far.
Run for 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then turn the machine off.
Go for a walk for 10 minutes and then run for 10 minutes.
Repeat this cycle 2 to 3 times.
  •  Stretch After Your Run
After running on a treadmill, stretch your leg muscles. Let them recover from the activity.

How to Use the Other Types of Cardio Machines Safely & Effectively

The elliptical machine 

It has revolutionized the way many people exercise. It's low-impact, so it can be used anywhere — even if you don't have all that much space. And it burns more calories than running.

If you're new to cardio exercise, the elliptical can be a great place to start. It's also something that you can amp up over time. As you become more comfortable on elliptical machines, you can increase your intensity and go for longer periods.
However, it's important to use the machine safely. Here are a few tips:
  • Wear a Heart Rate Monitor
The elliptical machine can be an effective way to get in shape, but you want to use it safely.
Chest strap

Using a heart rate monitor can help.
Heart rate monitors — also called heart rate monitors or HR monitors — are wearable electronic devices that use sensors to monitor your heart rate. When you exercise, they record your heart rate to see how hard you're working.
heart rate monitor watch

You can use a monitor without buying an exercise machine, but using one will enhance the experience. Some monitors come in the form of chest straps, which hook around your chest. Others come in the form of watches, which use a small sensor to record your heart rate.

  • Use the Resistance Level Appropriate for You
You can use elliptical machines with different levels of resistance. The less resistance you use, the less effort you need to exert. The higher the resistance, the more effort you need to exert.

If you're new to exercising, start with a lower level of resistance. As you become more comfortable with the elliptical, you can gradually increase your level of resistance.
  •  Start Slowly
The elliptical machine can be a gentler form of exercise than running, but it's still a form of exercise that requires some effort. Always start slowly and gradually increase intensity.

Rowing Machine

People often look for cardio gym equipment to help them lose weight, tone up, or strengthen their hearts and lungs. 
Rowing machines are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in many gyms, but many people use them incorrectly or improperly. 

While rowing machines provide a great workout, their use should be safe.

Rowers can cause many types of injury, such as muscle strains, back problems, and heart attacks. To avoid injury, use the following guidelines when using a rowing machine.
  • Keep hands level with the body when rowing.
  • Keep elbows close to sides when rowing.
  • Keep back straight, not rounded.
  • Keep feet level with hips when rowing.
  • Keep feet flat on the ground when rowing.
  • Keep eyes focused on the target.
  • Keep feet close together when rowing.
  • Keep knees bent at 90 degrees when rowing.
  • Keep feet straight when rowing.
  •  Keep core tight.
  • Keep back straight.
  • Keep arms parallel to the ground when rowing.
  • Keep core tight.
  • Keep back straight.
  • Keep elbows in close to sides when rowing.
  • Keep score
Whenever we talk about the benefits of cardiovascular machines, we have to consider that there are different types of these machines. Some machines target only one part of the body, while others target different parts of the body.

My Top Tips for Using Cardio Machines in a Safe and Efficient Way

First, select a machine that offers a variety, and preferably, more than one program. I like cardio that offers a variety of workouts, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, and recumbent bikes. 
This variety allows you to keep your body guessing, and, in turn, to keep yourself motivated. 

Next, select a cardio machine that offers several levels of resistance. For example, my favorite cardio machine offers 8 levels of resistance, allowing you to select the appropriate level for your level of fitness. 

Finally, select a machine that's easy to use. (This is particularly important if you'll be working out alone.) Look for cardio machines with easy-to-read digital readouts. These machines are also usually pretty easy to figure out, and can therefore be used by anyone, even if you're a first-time exerciser


Cardio machines are designed to be safe, but they aren't foolproof. The American Heart Association recommends exercising at heart rates that "feel a bit uncomfortable but not too uncomfortable" rather than using a machine at maximum.

People who exercise at maximum heart rates don't have much muscle, and their muscles don't burn as much fat. Their bodies burn the sugar in the food they eat, not the fat. 
Many people get injured while using cardio machines at maximum.

Cardio machines are also dangerous for people who are overweight. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, don't use a cardio machine. 
If you use one, make sure you hold on to the bar for support. They can also injure people who exercise at maximum. 

Muscles need oxygen, and the machine's fan blows air over them. But if your muscles are weak, too much oxygen can kill them.

The two biggest risks with cardio machines are that the machine may not allow you to exercise at the right heart rate and that it won't give you enough resistance.
The heart rate monitor on a cardio machine measures only your pulse.

 If your pulse is too slow, the machine won't allow you to exercise at the proper level of exertion. Some machines have sensors that measure the wattage of your effort, but this doesn't help because the effort isn't measured in watts.

The weight plates that come with cardio machines provide resistance. But most of us aren't used to weights.

Choose your equipment right. Contact me on the different socials in case of any inquiry. Here's to your health.

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